How personalisation helps multilingual e-mail marketing

How to simplify campaigns for multiple languages with Basedriver

05 December 2019 - 2 minutes
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If you are an international company that uses e-mail marketing you will probably recognize the following issue: running campaigns for multiple languages takes a lot of manual work. Not only do you have to create content in different languages, you also need to implement different templates, opt-out pages and sometimes even different databases. Maintaining al these templates and campaigns takes a lot of work and is prone to errors.

On our expansion to different countries we discovered (actually by accident) that the way of working we have implemented makes it possible to automate a lot of this manual work and prevent mistakes. In this blogpost we will expand on the unique possibilities of Basedriver for sending multilingual campaigns.

The possibility to create different versions of content, for different languages

With Basedriver it is possible to create different versions of content, for different languages. With our personalisation rules it is possible to assign the content to a specific language or region. When composing a campaign, the subscribers will receive only the content that matches with their profile.

Multi lingual content

Within a content group it is possible to create multiple versions of content, based on language

Automatically generate mailings in multiple languages

Basedriver will automatically generate different variants of the mailing, based on the country or language of the recipient

Automatically adjust the template to the region of the customer

One of the signature benefits of Basedriver is that it is possible to adjust the e-mail template based on the profile of the customer. All elements in the template, like social media links, contact details and brand styling can be adjusted. This feature is mostly used for companies with multiple brands, like publishers. It is also excellently suited for companies in multiple countries. Per country you can specify contact details, social links, language and opt-out pages.

Whit these features it becomes very ease to run multi-lingual and multi-country campaigns from one centralized marketing department. If you like t0 know more, please contact us for more information or a Basedriver demonstration.

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