Basedriver version 9.8 is live

A brand new release with new functions for marketers.

01 October 2019 - 2 minutes
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Basedriver version 9.8 is live!

In the summer of 2019 we went live with Basedriver version 9.8. This is again a major update with changes that help marketers create better campaigns. The following things have been adjusted:

  • Manual import of lists with profiles
  • Automatic duplication of data from prospects with subscriptions
  • Profiles enrich with features for even better selections
  • An API for automatically adding profiles and deduplication
  • The data management function of Basedriver has become richer again and marketers can now work with more reliable data.

Previous improvements to Basedriver release 9

We have been working on Basedriver version 9 since the beginning of 2018. We do our best to provide a new version of Basedriver every three months with relevant improvements for marketers. The following improvements have been implemented in Basedriver 9:

  • Performance: for larger campaigns and data sets, performance has improved
  • Content management is extensive: it is possible to copy and delete content groups.
  • You can also copy specific content from one content group to another / by duplicating it and adding it to other content groups. This way, sustainable content becomes simple and efficient.
  • By means of click registration it becomes even easier to measure conversion.
  • The link with Copernica has been improved in order to retrieve data more efficiently.
  • Autosave ensures the automatic storage of data.
  • A briefing of the campaign data can be generated and sent automatically in PDF.
  • It is possible to load content from RSS feeds from websites.
  • The ability to send campaigns in split-run.
  • The ability to completely forget the details of a profile (AVG/GDPR).
  • The ability to view and share customer behavior (AVG/GDPR).
  • The ability to view changes in customer OPTS (AVG/GDPR).

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