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Create relevant, multibrand campaigns, in a secure environment, based on reliable data

  • Basedriver is email marketing software for marketeers and editors of subscription based multibrand companies
  • With Basedriver you can transfer campaign idea’s to target audiences, without technical knowledge
  • The power of machine learning works for you and gives insights in customer needs and opportunities

Marketingteams that already work with Basedriver

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Improve efficiency and send more campaigns.

  • The intuitive user interface does not require technical knowledge.
  • Easily create selections for multiple brands and campaigns.
  • Prevent mistakes with the built-in business rules and quality checks.
  • Import content automatically with RSS feeds.

More customer touch points with a personal campaign planning.

  • one personalised campaign planning for multiple brands.
  • Create multichannel campaigns from the same application.
  • Generate more leads and follow up automatically.
  • Automatically manage contact pressure, don't send more or less than neccessary.

More segmentation and targeting with a personal content planning

  • Insights in the profile of engaged customers.
  • Automatically generate thousands of different variants.
  • Improve on results with split-run testing

Personalise messages with machine learning.

  • Automatically generate insights that can be used in campaigns.
  • Define content interest, upsell change or the best sending time and respond with ease.

In just four years, we have become the market leader among consumer magazines in the Netherlands

from 223 subscription based consumer magazines in the Netherlands, the editing and marketing teams of 85 magazines use Basedriver for newsletters and marketing automation.

E-mail marketing software

  • Read more about the advantages of Basedriver
  • How Basedriver can help your marketing team

E-mail marketing strategy

  • Drive more traffic from marketing automation
  • Five steps to create a winning e-mail marketing strategy

Personal e-mail newsletters

  • Every subscriber their own newsletter with relevant content
  • Increase engagement, openratio's and CTR with Basedriver

Campaign Management

  • Working with marketing teams on succesful campaigns
  • Improve campaign management with Basedriver
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Want to know more about Basedriver?

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Basedriver is the e-mail marketing software for companies with multiple brands and subscriptions.

E-mail marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for subscriptions. Basedriver is e-mail marketing software specifically designed for this challenge. For example, for automatically approaching subscribers, sending personal newsletters or automating campaigns.

Want to know more about subscription marketing with Basedriver? Please contact us for a personal demonstration.

Basedriver is ISO:27001 certified, has a golden privacy policy and is prepared for AVG/GDPR.