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Basedriver e-mail marketing software compared to other e-mail service providers

E-mail marketing software compared with Basedriver

Basedriver is new, multilingual, e-mail marketing software. In the past four years, companies such as New Skool Media, Hearst Magazines, Charity lotteries and Dutch Railways have chosen Basedriver.

When looking for a new e-mail marketing software, it is good to compare Basedriver with other existing e-mail service providers, such as Mailchimp. In this article we will provide the criteria to help you make the right comparison and select e-mail marketing software that works for your organisation.

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Does the e-mail marketing software support the way your organization works?

Before selecting e-mail marketing software, it is important to think about the method of working for e-mail marketing within your organization.

Are there any e-mail marketeers available or do they still have to be recruited? Are there any data analysts? Does everybody have access to the profiles? Basedriver helps to embed the desired method of working in the software.

  • Automatically manage contact pressure per client;
  • Set up roles and rights of the organization, possibly with approval and feedback;
  • Automatically send the right campaign based on priorities;
  • Possibilities to create workflows for campaigns.

In this article you can read more about a campaign-based approach in e-mail marketing.

Available time and (technical) knowledge in an organization for e-mail marketing

For most e-mail marketing software, technical knowledge such as HTML is needed. In many organizations there is only a limited number of people with this knowledge.

As a result of this, they are getting busier and busier and not all ideas can be implemented.

With Basedriver, we make sure that everyone in an organization can create campaigns, without technical knowledge. Making selections is automated in Basedriver, so no technical knowledge is needed.

This increases the productivity of your marketing team.

  • Simple user interface, designed for marketeers;
  • Automatically compile different variations of mailing based on data;
  • Automatically making selections, also for multiple brands.

Does the e-mail marketing software have all desired features?

It is important that e-mail marketing software has the right features. Basedriver releases a new version with new features three times a year.

You can work with an e-mail marketing platform which is continuously improving. Some of Basedriver’s features:

  • Split Run variation testing of mailings;
  • Automatic e-mail flows and follow-up actions;
  • View results of e-mailings in dashboard;
  • Set-up and send lead campaigns;
  • Extensive selection- and personalization possibilities;
  • Multi-channel campaigns with e-mail, direct mail, and telemarketing.

Does the e-mail marketing software connect to other available systems?

If you want to do more with marketing automation and e-mail marketing, then it is important to link the e-mail marketing software to multiple (source) systems. For example, a CRM system, subscriptions registration, ERP system or webshop.

In addition, the e-mail marketing system needs to be integrated with the website. After all, you want to generate new subscriptions and immediately follow them up. It is not intended that lists are manually transferred from one system to the other.

  • Batch uploads of data via sFTP;
  • Adding or modifying data via Basedriver API;
  • Adding or modifying data via HTTP posts (webhooks);
  • Tailor made links.

Because of the above possibilities, it is possible to create a link with almost every backoffice system.

More information about marketing automation architecture can be found here.

Working GDPR proof with the chosen software

Complying with GDPR legislation is important. Registering an opt-in is for example more than just saying ‘yes’. It is necessary to keep a record of registrations and unsubscribes and be able to produce them in the event of a complaint.

Besides, it is important that software of e-mail marketing is as secure as possible. From the very beginning, Basedriver has the ISO:27001 certification for information security. Basedriver has the following features as part of GDPR:

  • History of opt-ins and opt-outs per client, per brand, and per type (editorial, commercial, third parties);
  • The right to be forgotten; users can request their data to be erased;
  • Clicking behaviour, if desired, every action of a client can be retrieved;
  • ISO:27001 information management system and golden privacy guarantee.

Comparing e-mail marketing software

If you want to compare e-mail marketing software, this current overview of e-mail software providers can be helpful. Benefits of Basedriver are the user-friendly user interface, workflows that matches the organization, and possibilities to link and automate.

Basedriver has been developed for companies with subscriptions and multiple brands. By using Basedriver, the marketing team becomes more productive and it enables to generate more traffic from e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing with Basedriver

E-mail marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for subscriptions. Basedriver is an e-mail marketing software that is specifically made for this challenge. For example for automatically approaching unsubscribers, sending personal news letters, or automating campaigns.

We make sure more visitors will be generated from e-mail marketing and that these visitors can be recognized on the website.

Do you want to know more about subscription marketing with Basedriver? Please contact us for a personal demonstration of Basedriver.


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