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Pay attention to this when selecting e-mail marketing software

11 February 2020 - 10 minutes
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E-mail marketing software Basedriver

  • When choosing e-mail marketing software, the size of the organization, availability of data, technical knowledge and the desired frequency of campaigns are important. 
  • For larger numbers of campaigns, the costs for campaign management are higher than the costs for the e-mail marketing software. 
  • By automating activities and allowing marketers to create their own campaigns, it is possible to send more campaigns at a lower cost.

Choosing e-mail marketing software

One of the important choices for e-mail marketers is choosing the right e-mail marketing software. In this article, we will help you to make a good comparison to become more successful with e-mail marketing.

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What is e-mail marketing software

E-mail marketing software is software that allows you to send campaigns to people in the database. An e-mail campaign can be sent once (in case of a one-off action) or continuously (in case of a retention campaign).

E-mail marketing software has many similar features as marketing automation software. With marketing automation software, it is also possible to send ongoing, automated campaigns.

Of all available suppliers, Mailchimp is the largest, with a worldwide market share of 62%. Mailchimp focuses on small organizations that occasionally send a campaign.

For organizations with multiple marketers, choosing the right e-mail marketing software is really important. This choice has an impact on marketing costs and the revenue of e-mail marketing.

Does the e-mail marketing software support the way your organization works?

Before selecting e-mail marketing software, it is important to think about the method of working for e-mail marketing within your organization.

Are there any e-mail marketeers available or do they still have to be recruited? Are there any data analysts? Does everybody have access to the profiles? Basedriver helps to embed the desired method of working in the software.

  • Automatically manage contact pressure per client;
  • Set up roles and rights of the organization, possibly with approval and feedback;
  • Automatically send the right campaign based on priorities;
  • Possibilities to create workflows for campaigns.

In this article you can read more about a campaign-based approach in e-mail marketing.

Working at home with marketing tools

It becomes more and more important that marketers can work on e-mail marketing campaigns from home. The more the marketers is in control, without being dependent on others, the easier it is to work from home.

When selecting e-mail marketing software, it is important to choose software that allows marketers to create and send campaigns from home in a safe and reliable way.

Available time and (technical) knowledge in an organization for e-mail marketing

For most e-mail marketing software, technical knowledge such as HTML is needed. In many organizations there is only a limited number of people with this knowledge.

As a result of this, they are getting busier and busier and not all ideas can be implemented.

With Basedriver, we make sure that everyone in an organization can create campaigns, without technical knowledge. Making selections is automated in Basedriver, so no technical knowledge is needed.

We ensure that the productivity of your marketing team increases, for example by the following options:

  • Simple user interface, designed for marketeers;
  • Automatically compile different variations of mailing based on data;
  • Automatically making selections, also for multiple brands.

Does the e-mail marketing software have all desired features?

It is important that e-mail marketing software has the right features. Basedriver releases a new version with new features three times a year.

You can work with an e-mail marketing platform which is continuously improving. Some of Basedriver’s features:

  • Split Run variation testing of mailings;
  • Automatic e-mail flows and follow-up actions;
  • View results of e-mailings in dashboard;
  • Set-up and send lead campaigns;
  • Extensive selection- and personalization possibilities;
  • Multi-channel campaigns with e-mail, direct mail, and telemarketing.

Do you have enough opportunities to grow your mailing list?

The larger the mailing list, the better the result. That goes without saying. There are many different ways to grow your mailing list, such as:

  • Through content on your own website, pop-ups or chatbots;
  • Through campaigns on social media;
  • Through giveaways, quizzes and games;
  • Through fairs and events;
  • By buying new registrations.

And there are many more possibilities. It is important that the e-mail marketing software has sufficient possibilities to receive and deduplicate new registrations.

It is also important that customers do not unsubscribe. Therefore, check whether the e-mail marketing software has automated deregistration pages and possibilities for reactivation campaigns.

Read more about growing your mailing list. 

Does the e-mail marketing software connect to other available systems?

If you want to do more with marketing automation and e-mail marketing, then it is important to link the e-mail marketing software to multiple (source) systems. For example, a CRM system, subscriptions registration, ERP system or webshop.

In addition, the e-mail marketing system needs to be integrated with the website. After all, you want to generate new subscriptions and immediately follow them up. It is not intended that lists are manually transferred from one system to the other. That is why we offer the following possibilities with Basedriver:

  • Batch uploads of data via sFTP;
  • Adding or modifying data via Basedriver API;
  • Adding or modifying data via HTTP posts (webhooks);
  • Tailor made links.

Because of the above possibilities, it is possible to create a link with almost every backoffice system.

More information about marketing automation architecture can be found here.

Does the e-mail marketing software provide possibilities for campaign management

If the number of campaigns grows and you automate a lot of campaigns, you run the risk of approaching certain customers very often and others not at all. Even if you work with multiple brands, it is important to coordinate these campaigns.

This is often manual work, campaign managers coordinate the campaigns with each other. The disadvantage is that entire campaigns are postponed because of the risk of overlap in selections.

With Basedriver, we create an automated, personal, campaign planning. We have a smart algorithm that continuously calculates who should get which campaign, based on input such as:

  • Desired contact pressure;
  • Priority of the campaign;
  • Priority of the chosen brand;
  • Recipient’s behaviour;
  • Available content.

As a result, it is no longer necessary to coordinate campaigns. You can adjust business rules, so that the planning is automatically filled in. This increases the reach without overloading the customer with mailings.

More information about the personal campaign planning.

Is it possible to work GDPR proof

Complying with GDPR legislation is important. Registering an opt-in is for example more than just saying ‘yes’. It is necessary to keep a record of registrations and deregistrations and be able to produce them in the event of a complaint.

Besides, it is important that software of e-mail marketing is as secure as possible. From the very beginning, Basedriver has the ISO:27001 certification for information security. Basedriver has the following features as part of GDPR:

  • History of opt-ins and opt-outs per customer, per brand, and per type (editorial, commercial, third parties);
  • The right to be forgotten; users can request their data to be erased;
  • Clicking behaviour, if desired, every action of a customer can be retrieved;
  • ISO:27001 information management system and golden privacy guarantee.

Is it possible to actively improve the quality of data

A successful e-mail marketing campaign depends on the quality of marketing data. If data is outdated or people in the database are no longer interested, the chance of success is small. A database is like a house, if it is not actively maintained, quality goes down rapidly.

With automation it is possible to continuously improve data quality. For example, you can think of:

  • Automatic checks on incoming data;
  • Automatic deduplication of registrations on other databases, such as those of customers;
  • Re-activation campaigns to increase the number of active profiles;
  • Enrichment campaigns to supplement data.

If marketers always have access to up-to-date and qualitative data, the result of campaigns will immediately increase.

Read more about data quality.

Does the software fit into your e-mail marketing strategy?

It is important that the chosen software fits into the e-mail marketing strategy of your company. Do you want to send a mailing every now and then or do you want to send mailings structurally, for example once every two weeks or more often.

The strategy is essential to make the right choice for software. With Basedriver, we have developed a step-by-step plan to achieve a good e-mail marketing strategy. With the help of overview, you will make the right choice for an e-mail marketing strategy.

An e-mail marketing strategy in five steps

What does e-mail marketing cost

It is of course important what the costs of e-mail marketing are. These costs are divided into two components:

  1. The costs for the e-mail marketing software, including sending
  2. The costs for preparing data, content and testing (campaign management)

As the number of campaigns grows, the share of campaign management in the total costs increases, as illustrated in the graph below.


Costs of campaign management increase more than those of e-mail marketing software.

In order to estimate the total marketing costs and the business case, it is important to compare both the costs of campaign management and the costs of the e-mail marketing software.

More information about the costs of e-mail marketing software.

The impact of software on e-mail deliverability

When sending e-mail campaigns, it is essential that mailings are delivered to the inbox and not to the spambox. Therefore, e-mail deliverability receives more and more attention.

A high deliverability is obtained by the correct technical design of the software. But also by ensuring campaigns are not marked as Spam. The more relevant and personal the campaigns, the smaller the chance they will end up in the spambox.

In general, Basedriver’s customers have a deliverability of over 98%. This is possible, because in Basedriver you are able to automatically compose different mailings based on data. In addition, it is possible to automatically keep the mailing list clean.

Of course, when implementing Basedriver, we make sure that all preconditions are met to ensure your mailing reaches the inbox as high as possible.

Read more about e-mail deliverability. 

Comparing e-mail marketing software

If you want to compare e-mail marketing tools, this current overview of e-mail software providers can be helpful. Pros of Basedriver are the user-friendly user interface, workflows that matches the organization, and possibilities to link and automate.

Basedriver has been developed for companies with subscriptions and multiple brands. By using Basedriver, the marketing team becomes more productive and it enables to generate more traffic from e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing with Basedriver

E-mail marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for subscriptions. Basedriver is an e-mail marketing software that is specifically made for this challenge. For example for automatically approaching unsubscribers, sending personal news letters or automating campaigns.

We make sure more visitors will be generated from e-mail marketing and that these visitors can be recognized on the website.

Do you want to know more about subscription marketing with Basedriver? Please contact us for a personal demonstration of Basedriver.

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