Grow your mailing list with these smart tips

Grow the mailing list with more subscriptions and less unsubscriptions

18 May 2020 - 7 minutes
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How to get more registrations on your mailing list

  • In order to grow your mailing list, you can use social media in combination with SEO and, possibly, purchased files. 
  • In addition to subscriptions, it is important to prevent people from unsubscribing, for example with personal newsletters.
  • Engagement with receivers will be increased if you send a newsletter containing relevant content immediately after registration. 

The larger the mailing list, the higher the revenue

One of the most important ways to increase revenue of e-mail marketing is by growing the mailing list. The higher the number of people on the mailing list, the greater the reach of e-mail marketing.

The growth of the mailing list is also an important part of our own acquisition marketing strategy. Recipients of our newsletter learn more about campaign management, e-mail marketing and our product through the personal newsletter.

There are several ways to grow the mailing list, of which the following are the most successful.

Long form content with a call to action

We create a lot of long-form content. This includes long articles with extensive information about a specific part of e-mail marketing and campaign management. These articles are well found in search engines, more than 70% of our visitors visit the weblog.

Every article starts with a summary, after which we immediately give readers the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter. We repeat this at the end of the article.

If the articles are well appreciated, there is a chance that people subscribe to our mailing list. We test a lot with the right call-to-action. By testing and measuring a lot, you will discover which message fits your audience.

A pop-up or chatbot with possibility to register on the website

Using a pop-up or chatbot if people have been on the website for some time, is also a possibility. This is an active way of showing people the possibility of subscribing to the mailing list.

However, it is important to make sure that such a pop-up is not shown too quickly and not too often. Otherwise people will be annoyed. Testing a pop-up on mobile devices is also necessary. Unfortunately we often see that it doesn’t work properly on a mobile phone.

Social media campaigns

Another important way to grow the mailing list is through social media. We promote our content through campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. Lead-gen forms are linked to these campaigns, that allow people to register immediately.

mailinglijst groeien via LinkedIn

We use LinkedIn to grow our mailing list.

Such a registration is automatically included in the mailing list and deduplicated if necessary. It is of course not the intention that duplicate profiles are created in the database.

Contests and promotions

Contests, quizzes and promotions are excellent and fun ways to add people to the mailing list. Vogue is one of the magazines where Basedriver works for. They regularly have giveaways with specific products, that fit their target group.



Mailinglijst groeien met winactie Vogue

Vogue grows their mailing list with giveaways

In addition to giveaways, quizzes and games are a very good way to get registrations for the mailing list. The better they fit your target group, the higher the number of registrations. For example, we are developing a quiz in which people can test their knowledge of e-mail marketing. This is a fun way to get in touch with new people.

Fairs and events

If you visit, sponsor or organize ‘offline’ events, it is important to ask people for their e-mail address as well. This way you make sure you can stay in touch after the event.

In Basedriver, we have the possibility to directly upload these kinds of lists. They are then deduplicated with the existing data and added to the database. This way, you always have a clean mailing list without duplicates.

Buy new registrations from third parties

Of course, it is possible to buy newsletter subscriptions. Several parties are specialized in the collection of e-mail addresses.

Partnerships can also be very successful. Is there someone with a large mailing list and a similar target group? Then you can make a lot of progress with a good collaboration.

More budget is often needed to generate registrations in this way. You also have to be careful that the people who subscribe fit your product, to prevent them from unsubscribing. A lot of testing is therefore important.

A good impression ensures a qualitative mailing list

After people have registered, it is wise to immediately send them a first mail with interesting content. This goes beyond a single confirmation; you want to welcome customers to your newsletter and make sure they immediately receive an interesting and relevant mailing.

If you immediately send an interesting newsletter, you reduce the likelihood that visitors unsubscribe. In Basedriver, we call this an instant mail.

If you have been sending a newsletter for some time, you probably have content that has responded well and is interesting for your target group. Of course, you want to send this content to someone who has recently registered.

With Basedriver, we therefore work with personal newsletters. Basedriver automatically records who has had which content. If content is still relevant and has a high priority, it is automatically included in one of the first newsletters someone receives.

An additional advantage of this approach is that you can create less content; there is enough stock to fill relevant and personal newsletters.

Avoid unsubscribing from the mailing list with reactivation campaigns

The first step is to make sure people subscribe, but it is just as important that people do not unsubscribe from the mailing list. That is why we try to provide a relevant and personal experience with personal newsletters.

If people don’t open the e-mail for a while, it becomes very likely that they will unsubscribe. That is why it is important to create a reactivation campaign. By doing this, people who have not opened an email for a while will be approached.

In such a reactivation campaign, you can ask people if they want to adjust the frequency or what content they need.

It is also important to, when people unsubscribe from the newsletter, show them an unsubscription page. On such a page, people see what the different possible newsletters and mailings are. They still have the possibility to subscribe to an interesting mailing list. In Basedriver, we automatically generate such an unsubscription page for every brand.


Uitschrijven mailinglijst

In Basedriver, we generate an unsubscription page for the mailing list

Tip: also look at the e-mail deliverability

At least as important as the number of receivers of the e-mail, is the deliverability: the number of people to whom the e-mail is delivered in the inbox. By making sure deliverability is high from the start, you get maximum results from the mailing list.

E-mail marketing with Basedriver

Campaign coordination and campaign planning is an essential part of e-mail marketing automation. Basedriver is email marketing software specifically designed for this challenge. For example for automatically approaching unsubscribers, sending personal newsletters or automating campaigns.

We make sure that you generate more visitors from e-mail marketing and that you can recognize those visitors on the website. This will increase the revenue of your e-mail marketing team. Basedriver fits into an e-mail marketing strategy that leads to more online visitors and subscribers, without increasing marketing costs.

Would you like to know more about e-mail marketing with Basedriver? Please contact us for a personal demonstration.

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