Retention marketing: How to retain customers longer and increase value

Retaining subscribers is complex, but more valuable than acquiring new customers.

18 February 2020 - 4 minutes
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Retention marketing: the challenge of every marketeer who deals with subscriptions. More and more products are being offered as subscriptions. Subscriptions are beneficial for both the client as the provider. So has the provider a more predictable flow of money and he is no longer dependent on acquisition. Publishers have known this for a longtime: the subscription economy is booming!

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However, subscription marketing requires a completely different approach than before. It is not about the transaction, but the relationship with the client is the most important aspect. Retention marketing is therefore essential: the better you retain clients, the greater the value of your business.

We have listed six ways to make sure to retain clients:

1. Make sure clients are using the product.

Preferably right at the beginning of the relationship, for example by starting a subscription with a welcome campaign. Also, during the first few deliveries, some ‘best practices’ for the product can be added to it. During the term of the subscription, it is important that the client continues to use the product. This can be done through newsletters, information videos, and other campaigns.

2. Keep clients satisfied and measure this. 

Clients only stay if they are satisfied. In order to know whether they are satisfied, they need to be contacted. This can be done through a lot of channels. These channels can be used to ask clients about their satisfaction and to suggest improvements.

3. Only approach clients with relevant messages. 

Make sure the contact moments with clients are valuable for them. Do not approach them with offers they already have. For someone who has been a subscriber for a long time, it is useless to present them a subscription offer every newsletter. That only works for people who are not subscribed yet. Giving a client a gift or discount at the beginning of his contact, makes him feel appreciated.

4. Ensure the retention offer is appropriate.

If a client makes less use of the product, adjust the subscription to this use or offer the client the opportunity to do this himself. Try not to stick to contract terms or force clients to pay too much. Giving clients the opportunity to lower their subscription, shows your involvement and flexibility.

5. Approach clients before the subscription expires.

Retention marketing starts well before the subscription expires. Before the subscription expires, start a campaign to re-activate the importance of the product. This can be done through teasing with new products, discounts, et cetera.

6. Approach clients with personalized messages.

Special offers are most successful if they are tailored to the needs of the client. Successful retention marketing involves sending clients a tailored offer. When client value and usage are well understood, it is also easier to understand the needs of the client. The client can then be approached with personal offers. In this way, the most valuable clients are retained, and only the less valuable unsubscribe.

Given these points, there is a lot involved in keeping a client satisfied. Successful retention marketing requires a thorough approach of the marketeer. Especially when the number of subscribers is growing, it is a lot of work to maintains personal and individual contact with clients.

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