Modern marketing: what is it and how to do it

A focus on marketing operations helps marketers achieve more in less time

23 June 2020 - 4 minutes
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Modern marketing: what is it and how to do it

  • McKinsey has studied modern marketing and the transformation of marketing teams.
  • More attention to the way of working and marketing operations is needed to increase flexibility and speed.
  • Dependency on agencies should be reduced in combination with a strategy for talent development.

The original article can be found here. In this blogpost you will find a summary and the relationship with Basedriver.

McKinsey’s research into the way marketing teams work

Recently, world-renowned consultancy firm McKinsey published the results of a survey among marketing CEOs. The survey shows that 83% of international CEOs see marketing as an important precondition for a company’s growth.

That is of course no surprise; marketing ensures brand awareness, in-store or website visits and ultimately sales.

An important outcome is that marketing departments have to work in a different way in order to develop more speed and customer focus.

This is less about what marketing teams do, but more about how marketing teams work together.

Capabilities and enables

To clarify how modern marketing teams should work, McKinsey created a model with the capabilities (creation, customer experience, pricing, strategy) and enablers (marketing tools, organisation, way of working).

McKinsey is in favor of a holistic approach to modernizing marketing. All capabilities and enables must be designed for the present time.


McKinsey moderne marketing

The capabilities and enablers for modern marketing teams.

This means a transformation is needed for marketing teams who want to work faster and more customer-oriented. For each capability and enabler, McKinsey has indicated the transformation that needs to be gone through.

For example, for Talent & Agency Management, companies now depend too much on agencies for support, while they should work on a method in which marketers are trained and can work independently.


Transformatie van Marketing Teams

Transformation of Marketing Teams

How to think and act like modern marketer

To think and act like a modern marketer, McKinsey identifies a number of conditions:

Conditions to think like a modern marketer

  • Collaboration between different departments in the organization;
  • Centering activities around customers and customer journeys;
  • Continuously measuring and improving the ROI of marketing activities.

Conditions to work like a modern marketer

  • Attention to the way of working (marketing operations);
  • Agile Marketing as a way of working;
  • A strategy around own talent and collaboration with agencies;
  • Availability of data and technology.

How does Basedriver fit into this strategy

In this study, we see our own strategy confirmed: successful marketers are in control themselves, have reliable data, can easily personalize and respond quickly to developments.

Currently, a large part of the marketing budget is spent on agencies. That is a shame, because the agency is getting smarter and the marketer becomes more and more dependent.

That is why we work with Basedriver with an automated planning of content and campaigns. We also pay a lot of attention to the way of working, for example by implementing a system of roles and rights and automating briefings.

Do you want more information about marketing with Basedriver?

Basedriver connects content, data and campaigns in one online platform for marketing teams. With Basedriver, marketing teams can automatically plan campaigns, view histories and create personalized versions. This is all based on reliable and up-to-date marketing data from various source systems.

With Basedriver we connect with more than 2000 different websites and apps. If you are going to create landing pages from your CMS or within an external tool, you can automatically load the data from the form into Basedriver so you can use it in campaigns.

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