Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics and Basedriver

A perfect mix for marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Power BI

08 March 2020 - 2 minutes
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Marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics and Basedriver

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most used CRM solutions in the world. Together with Microsoft Power BI, it is one of the solutions offered to companies by Microsoft. Basedriver is built with Microsoft and Azure technology and therefore perfectly suitable in a marketing architecture with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Power BI.

Marketing automation in the Microsoft Appsource

In the Microsoft Appsource, all applications within the Microsoft domain can be found. We are extremely proud that Basedriver is included in the Appsource as solution for marketing automation in combination with Microsoft Dynamics. It shows that we are valuable within the Microsoft Architecture and it makes it easy for customers to find us.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation

View Basedriver in the Microsoft Appsource

Microsoft Dynamics and Basedriver

An important part of an e-mail marketing strategy is to send enough newsletters, preferably once every two weeks. However, this requires marketeers to change the way they work. It is not desirable to manually remove data from systems every two weeks, deduplicate and merge this.

Companies that use Microsoft Dynamics can automatically add data from Dynamics to Basedriver. By doing this, marketeers always have an up-to-date and qualitative dataset they can use to create campaigns. This accelerates the way marketeers work; it is possible to get more work done in less time.

Analyze results with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most used data-analysis tools. By linking Basedriver to Power BI, it is possible to further analyze data from e-mail marketing and combine it with other data. This creates insights that lead to more successful campaigns and more relevant content.

E-mail marketing with Basedriver and Microsoft Dynamics

E-mail marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for subscriptions. Basedriver is email marketing software specifically designed for this challenge. For example for automatically approaching unsubscribers, sending personal newsletters or automating campaigns. We make sure that you generate more visitors from e-mail marketing and that you can recognize those visitors on the website.

Would you like to know more about e-mail marketing with Basedriver? Please contact us for a personal demonstration.

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