Zapier and Basedriver: This is how you use Zapier for more leads and a larger mailing list

Zapier and Basedriver ensure higher conversion and better data

16 June 2020 - 3 minutes
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Zapier and Basedriver: This is how you use Zapier for more leads and a larger mailing list

  • With Zapier, it is possible to connect to thousands of different apps and websites, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • With Basedriver’s standard Zapier integration, you can use data from these websites directly in Basedriver.
  • By making smart use of the possibilities of Zapier, you can easily get more leads and a larger mailing list.

What is Zapier

Zapier is an online platform that connects to the APIs of thousands of different apps and websites. By means of these APIs it is possible to set up triggers and actions. A trigger is, for example, filling in a form on Facebook, an action is a subscription to the newsletter in Basedriver.

Basedriver has developed a standard integration with Zapier. This makes it possible to create an instant email campaign that immediately sends an e-mail when data is delivered via Zapier.  The profile will be included in the database with the correct permission and will be deduplicated. This guarantees the quality of data.

By means of Zapier, it is possible to make different combinations, such as:

Social Media

Almost all social media platforms have the possibility to link to Zapier. The most common combinations are:

  • Facebook leads forms –> Basedriver
  • LinkedIn leads form –> Basedriver
Social media koppelingen met Zapier

Popular social media links with Zapier


  • Addition of a contact in Microsoft Dynamics 365 –> Basedriver
  • Addition of a contact in Pipedrive –> Basedriver
  • Addition of a contact in Salesforce –> Basedriver
Populaire CRM koppelingen met Basedriver

Popular CRM links with Basedriver


  • New customer in WooCommerce –> Basedriver
  • New customer in Eventbrite –> Basedriver
  • New customer in Shopify –> Basedriver
Populaire e-commerce koppelingen met Basedriver

Popular e-commerce links with Basedriver

In short, there are many possibilities due to the combination of Basedriver and Zapier.

How does the connection of Basedriver with Zapier work?

To link Basedriver and Zapier, it is important to create an instant mail campaign. An instant mail campaign immediately sends an email when data has been delivered. The supplied profile is then automatically added to the database. If the profile already exists, it will be enriched with data from the campaign.

An API key is needed to link Basedriver to Zapier. This API key can be obtained through the Basedriver support team. In addition, the following data must be entered:

  • The form;
  • The e-mail address;
  • The text for the permission people gave;
  • The opt-in (newsletter, commercial, etc.);
  • The campaign for the instant mail;
  • The contact moment for the instant mail;
  • The brand for which an opt-in has been issued.

This data can be taken from the trigger, for example the lead form.

Zapier LinkedIn lead form

LinkedIn lead form and Basedriver via Zapier

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