Marketing technology landscape: the most important European Martech solutions including Basedriver!

Basedriver is included in the main list of 8000 European marketing technology solutions

04 May 2020 - 2 minutes
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Marketing technology landscape: the most important European Martech solutions including Basedriver!

  • The marketing technology Landscape of includes the most important European providers of marketing technology.
  • Since April 2020, Basedriver has been included for the first time in the list of 8.000 main solutions. 
  • The total overview contains all the marketing tools you need to complete your marketing architecture.

Basedriver is included in the marketing technology landscape

In april 2020, published the latest overview of the European marketing technology landscape. Here you can find the main European solutions to fill your marketing architecture.

Of course, we are proud that Basedriver has been included in the list for the first time, as one of the youngest parties among the renowned parties within the e-mail marketing software category and the 8.000 other leading Martech solutions.

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Marketing Technology Landscape

Marketing Technology Landscape

E-mail marketing with Basedriver

Campaign coordination and campaign planning is an essential part of e-mail marketing automation. Basedriver is email marketing software specifically designed for this challenge. For example for automatically approaching unsubscribers, sending personal newsletters or automating campaigns.

We make sure that you generate more visitors from e-mail marketing and that you can recognize those visitors on the website. This will increase the revenue of your e-mail marketing team. Basedriver fits into an e-mail marketing strategy that leads to more online visitors and subscribers, without increasing marketing costs.

Would you like to know more about e-mail marketing with Basedriver? Please contact us for a personal demonstration.

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With Basedriver you increase your marketing database, send more relevant campaigns, get more return from content and generate more customers.